Dutch Food, Part 1

Per the request of my mother, this post is all about the interesting miscellaneous Dutch food that can be found in my host family’s kitchen. In one of my first posts, I introduced you to the strange Dutch sprinkles known as Hagelslag. For a short informative and witty blog post about it written by another American, click here. The children eat it almost every day at least once and I have seen both of my host parents eat it several times, too. I have tried it and wasn’t impressed. For the amount of calories, I would rather spread Nutella on my toast!

I will write separate posts about Dutch fast food/restaurant food and what we eat for dinner at home.

These are “pancakes”, or crepes as we Americans would call them. We have them for dinner about once every other week and then the kids eat the leftovers for lunch the next couple days. The two canisters on the left are cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar.

She chose sugar and lemon juice for her pancake. I forgot to take a photo of the next step; they roll it up and then I cut it into pieces for them.

Lots of cheese! I usually put spreadable cheese on my toast in the mornings. For breakfast and/or lunch, my host parents usually make open-faced sandwiches with slices of cheese on toast.

The kids eat these for dinner sometimes, loaded with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. They are like mini American pancakes.

Yogurt drink the kids drink with lunch. It’s pretty good! I sometimes drink it after my bike rides for some extra protein.

The kids drink this every day, too. It’s a condensed fruity syrup that you add to water. Also pretty tasty!

“Coke Light”, which has .5 calories per serving. I’m guessing the American kind does too, we just round it down to zero. They don’t round calories to the nearest 5 or 10 on packages like we do so you’ll often see odd numbers.

Yummy pudding! Love how it comes in big cartons.

The “Vla Flip” is a popular Dutch dessert. The kids love it. It’s one part pudding, three parts yogurt, and a splash of that juice (whatever it is). I’ve tried a bite, it’s actually really good!

Chips! Or “crisps”, as they call them. They love Paprika flavor here. At the grocery store, I’d say at least 50% of the chips are Paprika flavored.

The kids eat one or two of these bland bread sticks every day while waiting for dinner to be made.

They use this sauce a lot at dinner, especially with macaroni and other noodles. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it is very similar to soy sauce. My host mother says it is made from a flower.

My family likes using this sauce with their meat and fish.

Lot’s of different cookies and “biscuits” in the house!

The kids eat these a lot for an after-school snack. They are soft, very bland-tasting, and have a texture like angel food cake.

Black licorice is very popular here.

My host parents will often buy these for the kids when we go to the store or gas station. It’s a chocolate egg that comes with a toy inside.

There is always chocolate in our pantry!

I was slightly disappointed the first time I ate one of these because I was expecting the American Milky Way bar… This is more like a Three Musketeer!

Mars bars are more like American Milky Ways.

Bought this at the train station ’cause one of my friends back home (can’t remember who) told me I must try them. It was quite good! It seems like there is a lot more white chocolate here than in the States, which is awesome ’cause I love white chocolate 🙂

And of course, Europeans love their beer. My host father drinks a few every night. They put the empty bottles back into the crate and then there is a special recycle machine at the grocery store that takes them and gives you a voucher for a few euros.

Well, that’s all I have for now! Hope you found it interesting. xo

Ps– I finally updated my “About” section.



20 thoughts on “Dutch Food, Part 1

  1. grandpa john says:


  2. Mom says:

    Thank you! Great post and very interesting! It’s amazing that your host family doesn’t weigh a ton. Look at all those carbs and calories.

    • aupairkelly says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it! Don’t worry I won’t be coming home a fatty though, I’m actually in the best shape i’ve been in awhile! Definitely lost a few ‘kilos’ from all of the running around, doing chores, biking, and walking. I try to limit my sweets and I’ve been drinking a lot of tea and water. I eat scrambled eggs and fruit for lunch a lot.

  3. Carl, the Dad says:

    Is everything processed? Is anything fresh?

    • aupairkelly says:

      Of course. I didn’t take a photo of every single item in the kitchen, just the interesting things.. Definitely a lot of processed food though, yes. I wasn’t kidding when I said they don’t eat very healthy!! I always force myself to eat a big serving of veggies at dinner.

  4. Gale Martin says:

    Yes it looks unhealthy and processed and full of carbs. I thought this couple was American?

  5. Not Inadequate says:

    Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. Jeez. I wonder what their national diabetes statistics are there. Very interesting! Do they not have health-food-nuts there, or is your family just not one of them? What is the supermarket like?

    • aupairkelly says:

      I’m not really sure what other families’ diets are like or where mine falls on the spectrum of “normal” eating.. But I know that Hagelslag is extremely common and so is eating “sandwiches” for both breakfast and lunch. The other au pairs all said that their kids eat a ton of chocolate/sweets too. The supermarket I went to looked the same as any American one; they had lots of produce, deli and cheese section, dairy section, etc.

  6. Aunt Leslie says:

    How interesting to see all the different foods and what they eat there. You won’t have to worry about your weight at all. Like you said with you biking and walking everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to take all those pics and sharing with us.

  7. Sue says:

    I feel we are getting quite an education on the Dutch way of life through your very well written blog….love all the pics. Enjoy seeing all the different variety of food items. Appreciate you sharing your experience with us…& may I say, you do a great job depicting your daily routine. Enjoyed the blog on the cold water toilet room…priceless.
    Love you…take care.

  8. Maxime says:

    Yum, Dutch food! The juice with the vlaflip stuff is a fruity syrup, too, that you’d usually dilute with water and drink. How is Holland treating you? Used to all the rain yet?

    (Mom says: Kelly, Maxime is my friend from the Netherlands that I have told you about :).)

    • aupairkelly says:

      It’s been great, I really like it here! We actually haven’t had too much rain, but it’s been pretty cold most days so far.. I can definitely feel the wet sea air

      • Maxime says:

        I miss that sea air 🙂 Does everybody who you meet make you say long Dutch words like “Scheveningen”? 🙂

  9. I love your blog and reading about your experience there. And of course, I love to hear about anything food related. I’m glad you’re having a good time there and have a nice family to work for.

  10. The food culture is really different from the U.S. It is amazing how some countries can eat anything and stay so healthy and slender. It must be the quantity of food eaten combined with lots of exercise. My favorite out of all of those snacks would be the liquorice. The bread sticks look great and I also eat skinny cow cheese so I am familiar with that. Because of all the walking that you do I think you will always stay thin, not matter what you eat. Enjoy!!! Love you!!

  11. Connie says:

    Happy Birthday, Kelly.

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